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Does my proposed building work require building approval?

The Building Regulation 2006 Schedule 1 stipulates the extent of work that can be carried out without a building approval. It is worth noting that although a building approval is not required, the legislative requirements for construction must still be satisfied. A brief summary of the work outlined in Schedule 1 includes:

- A fence no higher than 2m above natural ground level (as long as it is not part of a pool enclosure)
- Non-load bearing devices including (max 3.5m above natural ground level if attached to building or structure or max 10m above natural ground level if detached from any building or structure):

  • an aerial;
  • an antenna;
  • a satellite dish with a maximum diameter of 900mm;
  • a flagpole, mast or tower, outside areas covered by airport Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Standards (O.L.S.) of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
  • There is no surcharge loading in the zone of influence of the wall.
  • The wall is no closer than 1.5m to another wall or building.
  • The wall does not form part of a pool enclosure.

- A retaining wall up to 1m high (in cut or fill from the natural ground surface) if:

  • There is no surcharge loading in the zone of influence of the wall.
  • The wall is no closer than 1.5m to another wall or building.
  • The wall does not form part of a pool enclosure.

- Class 10 buildings or structures (such as carports, patios, pergolas, shed, garage) that are not subject to the following:

  • within Wind Region C  (tropical cyclone area)mentioned in AS 1170.2 SAA Wind
  • Loading Code; or
  • for a rainwater tank for a new building; or
  • for a deck that is roofed or higher than 1m above the deck’s natural ground surface;
  • The Class 10 building or structure must also meet the following requirements:
  • the plan area of the class 10 is no more than 10m2; and
  • the class 10 has, above its natural ground surface—
  1. a height of no more than 2.4m; and
  2. if the class 10 is not a rainwater tank—a mean height of no more than 2.1m, worked out by dividing its total elevational area facing the boundary by its horizontal length facing the boundary; and
  3. any side of the class 10 is no longer than 5m.

This is a summary only of some of the items contained in Schedule 1 that are commonly asked about. Please refer to the Schedule for clarification on other items or contact Apex Certification and Consulting to discuss your project if you are uncertain.

What information is commonly required for a building application?

The list of information required to lodge a building application varies from project to project depending on the extent of the work and class of the structure. A common list would contain the following:

  • IDAS application forms parts 1 and 2.
    These can be found on the following website:
  • Plans (to scale) showing site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections.
  • Soil test (depending on the development)
  • Structural engineer’s design
  • Energy Efficiency assessment (these can be arranged by Apex Certification and Consulting if preferred)
  • For residential work a BSA insurance receipt (for work by builder worth $3,300.00 or greater) or Owner Builder permit (for owner builder with work valued at $11,000.00 or greater).
  • Confirmation of Q-Leave payment for projects worth $80,000.00 of greater.

Do you require the application documents in hard copy?

Apex Certification and Consulting prefers that documents be lodged in electronic format. We use software that allows us to mark up the electronic documents for maximum efficiency. The preferred file type is a pdf document.

How do I obtain a price for your services?

Please email us a copy of your plans, and any other relevant information and we will provide a quote in a timely manner.

How much notice is required for an inspection, and how do I arrange the inspection?

Please contact Apex Certification and Consulting on 07 3142 4387 to organise your inspection. Generally two days’ notice is required, however if you require an urgent inspection please ask and we will endeavour to attend to your needs.

Do I need a plumbing application?

The plumbing legislation has recently been amended and now not all plumbing works require an application to be made to council. Sewer capping (for removals and demolitions), and new dwellings on properties serviced by a sewer line still require applications to council, as do plumbing works on non-serviced sites (septic or on-site treatment plants). In all instances a licensed plumber must carry out the works.

Does Apex Certification and Consulting lodge applications related to the building approval?

Apex Certification and Consulting will lodge applications upon our client’s request, within our areas of competency. Where the application is outside our area of expertise we will recommend an appropriate consultant lodge the application.

What stage should I engage the services of Apex Certification and Consulting?

In all instances a building approval must be issued prior to commencing the building work. It is our recommendation that the building certifier be engaged as early as possible in the project to ensure a smooth transition from the design stage to approval and construction. By engaging the services of the certifier at design stage we can identify potential non-compliances and they can be addressed without causing significant delays to the project.

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